Eulogy for the Dyke Bar closed each iteration with a “Eulogy Ritual,” where poets, organizers, artists, writers, and other community members come together to memorialize dyke bars with stories and performances that contemplate their place within queer community in the past, present, and future. Story-tellers are curated carefully so that voices are represented from across generations and experiences of identity and sexuality. Through sharing these eulogies, the audience is asked to join in contemplating how to support dyke venues that remain, and the roles that these spaces may play in our collective futures. Eulogy for the Dyke Bar took place in two iterations between Wayfarers Gallery and PULSE Contemporary Art Fair in NYC. 

Additionally, the bar came to life in numerous other programs: Programming included performances by queer and trans artists, podcast listening sessions, DJ happy hours, trivia nights, and panel discussions. Contributors included Ariel Speedwagon and Damien Luxe as Rocky and Rhoda, Switch N' Play drag troupe, Queerstories: Lezbian Popcorn Cart, and Last Call: New Orleans Dyke Bar History Project. In A Critical Eulogy: The Loss and Legacy of Dyke Bars, current and former dyke bar owners, historians, and dance party organizers from around the country came together in a lively discussion about dyke bars and queer community-building (full information below). 

Video documentation of Eulogy Ritual available on previous page.